Support knowledge base

This page attempts to provide answers to the most common questions. It's still somewhat incomplete, but hopefully still better than nothing.

If you can't find an answer here, feel free to contact me by email or post your question to the forum. I'm happy to answer any additional questions.

General issues

Could you make OSX versions?

No. Currently I don't have the time, the money or the equipment to do so.

How do I center or reset a knob?

You can reset a knob to it's default value with a double-click.

You can reset a knob to mid-position with right-click while dragging the knob.

Why are the knobs/controls so sensitive?

Surprisingly this gets asked sometimes, even if I feel like my knobs are rather somewhat slower than typical. In any case, you can hold shift for slower movement. For knobs specifically control also happens to work.

Note that the shift for slow also has an effect on mouse wheel adjustments in hosts that support mouse wheel in plugins.

How does the MIDI learn work?

Right-click a control for a context-menu, select 'MIDI learn' and the control will automatically get assigned to the first incoming MIDI CC (excluding some special purpose CC-numbers).

The assignment is a combination of CC number and MIDI channel, so you can map the same CC on each channel separately.

RPN/NRPN or 14-bit controllers are currently not supported, but the 14-bit LSB bytes are detected (and ignored), so those CC numbers (or data-entry, etc) won't work.

If there is no 'MIDI learn' in the context menu, then that control does not support the functionally. Most of them should work though.

Can I change the defaults?

Yeah. Click the Signaldust-logo for a menu with some options for loading/saving default settings.

When you save personalized defaults, the current values of all the controls will become the new default values.

The defaults are saved in user's %appdata%/Signaldust/<plugin>.defaults

Note that some of my plugins currently lack a factory bank, in which case loading factory defaults might not do anything. Sorry about that, I'll try to fix this the next time I update each plugin. As a work-around you can delete the relevant .defaults file.

Why doesn't loading factory defaults work?

The plugin in question is probably missing a factory bank. I will fix these when I update the plugins in question. See the previous question for a work-around.

Technical issues

Could you make OSX versions?

No. Currently I don't have the time, the money or the equipment to do so.

Why does plugin use so much CPU?

Probably because it does a lot of heavy calculation.

In general I tend to optimize most of my plugins for fast modern systems in order to get the best possible quality (within reason), rather than sacrifice for a bit of performance. There are plenty of plugins for slower systems.

Why does the GUI of plugin update slowly?

This can happen if the CPU is very busy with other things. By design I try to avoid very aggressive updating, to keep the system in general more responsive. At high CPU load this can backfire, and you might experience slow visual update.

In recent framework versions I've made things a bit more aggressive, so very low frame-rate should no longer be as common as previously. It might be possible to fine-tune this further, so let me know about your experiences.

What does the error about OpenGL mean?

It means that my code was unable to find an OpenGL driver that could provide useful amount of functionality. There is an issue with your graphics drivers, and there is not much I can do about it. OpenGL is the least problematic of the options available. Sorry if it doesn't work for you.

Normally the only way to fix this is to find and install a working driver.

With really old hardware (around 10 years or more) it might also happen that your hardware simply doesn't support the required functionality, but in most cases this should not be an issue.

Why does plugin take a long time to load?

There is some loading involved the first time any plugin editor is opened, but the exact reason for excessively long load times (that some people experience) is currently unknown. I don't know if this is specific to a certain plugin, or all of them.

I'd appreciate details about the systems on which this happens, to help find the problem. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to happen (at least not consistently) on any of my test systems, which makes diagnosis somewhat tricky.

Why does plugin crash instantly?

The most common reason for this to happen used to be the lack of SSE2 support from the CPU. Currently all my plugins should check for this so you should get a nicer error, but without SSE2 things are not going to work.

I'm not aware of any other situations where this would happen, so if you see such cases, please let me know. Crash issues are always high priority.

Why does plugin crash randomly?

Currently I'm not aware of any crash bugs, except some sporadic issues related to Intel graphics drivers. Whatever the case, please contact me with as much information as possible. Crash issues are always high priority.