Tila2 - room reverb

My second attempt at reverbs, Tila turned out to be something that people found nice at very short settings. As such, this updated version keeps the algorithm but attempts to make it easier to tune those room reverbs. For hall-style algorithms look elsewhere.

The left-hand section has settings for predelay, mid-frequency reverb time (RT60), initial diffusion and roomsize of the model.

In the mid-section, upper row controls the high-frequencies above "high freq", while lower row controls the low-frequencies below "low freq". In both cases there is a reverb-time scaling constant (high/low scale; from 0.25 to 1.25) and up to 10dB of boost or cut (high/low EQ).

Finally there are 6dB/oct lowpass (high cutoff) and highpass (low cutoff) filters, and an output level control for wet-signals. Dry-signals are passed through when mode is set to 'insert' and muted when set to 'send' (for use as 'insert' and 'send' effect respectively).

Download Tila2 - room reverb
requires: SSE2 & OpenGL



2.2.0: framework update with bug-fixes

2.1.1: fixes font rendering bug with roomsize parameter

2.1.0: framework update to new editor code, 64-bit build

2.0.0: Tila2 initial release