Dust Bucket

My KVR DC12 entry was an experimental dual-path stereo chorus. It's also capable of rudimentary "thru-zero" flanging and other simple modulation effects.

Like a bucket-brigade device, it uses fixed length delays with modulated sample-rate. It does not attempt to be a circuit model however; the delays are true stereo and it is designed for clean sound without any non-linear behavior.

It should take automation of most parameters reasonably well, but a fairly fast CPU is recommended, since it actually runs at varying sample-rate internally, with reasonably high-quality resampling on the fly.

The delay parameter sets the "nominal delay length" together with range that controls the maximum length. The delays are modulated by an LFO with either sine or triangle shape and adjustable rate and depth.

The phase control sets the relative phase of the LFOs for the two delay lines, while spread controls how they are mixed in the stereo field: at 0% they are simply mixed together, while higher values results in wider stereo. Finally wet mix allows one to cross-fade between the original and processed sounds. Finally the polarity of the processed sound can be inverted for different character when mixing with the original.

Download Dust Bucket
requires: SSE2 & OpenGL



1.2.0: framework update with bug-fixes and this page, should sound the same

1.0.0: the KVR DC version (due to a small mistake the version tag says