Dancing Boy

Dancing Boy is a VCA-style feed-forward compressor. While it is capable of clean and transparent gain reduction, it is designed with an emphasis on more creative dynamics shaping. Great care has been taken to make sure that the behavior is as predictable as possible and any distortion is kept to the minimum, even with the most extreme settings.

More complete description of the features can be found in the manual included in the download.

Available for price of €25.

Please try the demo on your system before you order a license. There is no separate full-version download; you will only receive a registry key-file that will unlock the demo restrictions. Note that this might take up a few days, as I process all orders manually.

In case of problems, don't be afraid to email me.

No more licenses available until
EU fixes their VAT shit, sorry.

Download Dancing Boy
requires: SSE2 & OpenGL



1.0.2: Added optional work-around for drawing in host idle.

1.0.1: Initial release.