Abstract Chamber

Abstract Chamber is a super-simple reverb plugin, at least as far as interface goes. It is designed for longer modulated reverbs, while trying to maintain a natural yet abstract spatial impression.

On the left we have the usual predelay, then reverb time that gives theoretical mid-frequency RT60 and modulation that controls both the depth and rate of internal modulation; at low settings mostly the depth, at high settings mostly the rate (try 60-70% with RT between 6 to 10 seconds)

On the right we have LF damp which controls the cutoff of low-frequency damping, where as HF cutoff and HF decay control the damping at high frequencies.

Finally there's an output level control and a mode switch: insert mode will mix the reverb with the dry signal where as with send mode the output will be wet only.

From 1.5.2: The damping and diffusion code was largely rewritten to allow for somewhat more aggressive shaping of the sound. You might need to re-tune existing projects slightly to get similar character.

Download Abstract Chamber
requires: SSE2 & OpenGL



1.5.2: framework bug-fixes, plus new more aggressive damping

1.1.0: framework update to new editor code, 64-bit build

1.0.4: original stable version