About Signaldust

Signaldust is yet another one man project for digital audio signal processing and musical sound synthesis. My focus is on high-quality processing with original ideas, manually fine-tuned algorithms and in many cases carefully adjusted doses of non-linearities and noise where they enhance the subjective perception of sound.

I usually try to make things slightly different from the standard approaches, and often that means doing something other than the simplest thing. I will usually sacrifice faster processing for better sound. That means internal oversampling and 64-bit processing where they are required to prevent digital artifacts. As such, my work targets fairly modern computers.

Notice that better doesn't always mean cleaner as far as I'm concerned. While I'm not a friend of harsh distortion and noise, I often spend a crazy amount of time trying to find the most interesting types of imperfections and grit. There are enough clean plugins. When my plugins are noisy, drifty or otherwise inexact, those properties are usually there by design.

Since this is mostly a hobby project, development cycles can be slow at times. New plugins are normally released only once I'm perfectly happy with the sonic qualities. With maintenance and support though, I try my best to run a more professional level of service. For email you can usually expect a reply within a day or two.

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