The compressor is here..


This has been in development for years, gone through several GUI revisions and a dozen tuning cycles, but now it's time to release my original vca-style compressor Dancing Boy.

Signaldust forum at KVR


I thought I already updated this once, but then I had some hard-drive issues and some other stuff, and it appears that the information got lost somewhere.

In any case, there is now an official Signaldust Support Forum at

Dolphin 64-bit


This isn't just a "64-bit version" update though. There's also completely new filter model and a new "square" oscillator. While the new filter might not be the "latest and greatest" modelling technology, it's still properly "zero-delay" and certainly much closer to the real deal. The version number if 1.9.0, as I might do some more tweaking before I call it 2.0, but don't let that fool you: it's almost completely new audio code.



Dust Arp 32 which is a "polyphonic midi slicer" and which will get a proper page.. another day. Ok also.. direct download in case you're feeling experimental.

I'll add this to the top as well: Dust Equalizer "fancy new technology" from the beta are now in the release version. That's why the "beta" links no longer work. Use and enjoy the release.